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Brunel International S.E.A. pte ltd

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A global service provider specialising in the flexible deployment of specialists.

From its origin in 1975, Brunel has developed into a global service provider specialising in the flexible deployment of specialists to the international oil & gas, mining, engineering and construction, automotive, manufacturing and other related industries. Full Scope of Services; Brunel has the capability to take full responsibility for the recruitment process, Visa & Work Permit, Immigration and logistical requirements, training necessities, and contract payroll solutions. A “One Stop Shop” for technical specialists and trades and craft labour. Business Ethics; As a publicly listed company, transparency and compliancy are part of Brunel’s core values. It is our policy to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner. We exercise a zero tolerance approach. Strong & Reliable Partner; Brunel is a financially strong partner. In this day and age we are proud to be able to maintain a very high solvency ratio and cash position which enables us to pre-finance major projects. Global Network; The Brunel network comprises of more than 100 offices across 50 countries. Our regional headquarters are strategically placed in Houston, Rotterdam, Singapore, Perth and Dubai. Each of our offices is connected by a central resource management system, which ensures efficiency and consistency in our services. Local Presence; Brunel’s local presence allows us to ‘be there with you on the ground’. It has also given us a thorough understanding of local markets, laws and legislation. Local content is foremost in all our activities and where possible, we utilise local resources and services. The Brunel Culture; Our culture is unique. In everything we do, we follow our firmly-rooted cultural values of entrepreneurship, a result-driven approach and operational excellence. HSE Focus; Brunel adopts a collaborative team approach with its clients to establish and maintain a strong HSE focus. Insurances & Risk Management; In addition to an extensive insurance package, Brunel offers unrivalled risk management tools to our people and clients to limit the chances of any (emergency) evacuation and loss of reputation.

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