Marape Announces the Launch of the National Gold Refinery and Mint Project for PNG

November 9th, 2021

The National Gold Refinery and Mint Project Deal, signed recently by Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape, is a milestone agreement for the country and a key success in the implementation of his government’s “Take Back PNG” program, according to Marape.

“The project has started and will establish, for the first time in Papua New Guinea, a downstream processing and value-adding industry for gold, one of the country’s most-valuable natural resource exports,” he said.

“The project will put Papua Guinea on the world gold map, so it is rightfully recognised in both gold mining and gold refining industries, and in global precious metals and financial markets, as one of the world’s most-important gold-producing countries.”

PM Marape stated that downstream processing of natural resources in PNG, such as gold, forests, and fisheries, is critical to the country’s economic future and job creation, and that it is a core priority of his government.  For the full article: Marape Announces the Launch of the National Gold Refinery and Mint Project” — News — PNG Business News

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