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TradelinkedConnecting Cairns and Papua New Guinea

Cairns and PNG are ideally positioned to be trade partners. Economic, social and cultural links are strong, and the respective Chambers of Commerce work cooperatively and productively.

Cairns is becoming an established base for large PNG mining projects, with frequent air services allowing business operators and mine workers to comfortably commute.

Tradelinked is about building on the existing relationship between Cairns and PNG to mutually benefit both business communities. 

If you have suggestions or information for this website, please contact info@tradelinked-cairns-png.com


Tradelinked aims to:

  • develop strong links between Cairns and PNG
  • connect businesses throughout Cairns and PNG
  • provide timely and relevant information to businesses

Tradelinked offers:

  • online business directory
     -  free to register
     -  free to use
  • events calendar featuring upcoming opportunities that might be of interest to business
  • monthly networking function where businesses can meet and share contacts, experiences and market intelligence
  • resource catalogue with information and research to relevant businesses